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SoftExpert ESG is an advanced 100% web-based ESG solution software for comprehensive strategic sustainability management involving Environmental, Social and Governance factors, transforming your ESG risks into value and opportunities and automating the end-to-end process.

Through an integrated ESG software platform, you can structure processes and policies to effectively manage and control all ESG initiatives and indicators in your organization, using popular frameworks such as GRI, SDG, SASB, MSCI, or even creating indicator models and custom reports.

With a complete ESG solution, SoftExpert ESG improves data transparency and accountability, saving time and resources, while facilitating internal and external communication and engagement.

SoftExpert ESG enables everything from the efficient compilation of ESG data for sustainability disclosure reports to the optimization and automation of processes and operations that directly contribute to ESG results. Management dashboards (dashboards) give companies access to up-to-date information on the status of all activities and performance indicators related to the three pillars.

Through end-to-end capabilities, organizations can manage data on corporate governance, operating practices, environmental impacts, policies to reduce risk and maintain compliance, and report on social aspects such as employee health and safety. Centralizing sustainability metrics on a single platform increases productivity and data integrity, in addition to saving valuable staff time, most notably by allowing the Board of Directors to make the best decisions to ensure systems are aligned with ESG strategies.

Main Benefits

  • Simplifies and automates data collection, calculations and reporting.
  • Provides a global view of the overall risk scenario.
  • Centralizes your ESG and sustainability data.
  • Already popular frameworks (GRI, SDG, SASB, MSCI) or custom models can be created as needed by the company.
  • Features management dashboards & task overviews.
  • Allows the organization's compliance level to be controlled and makes it easier to establish which actions need to be taken in the short and long terms.
  • Gets early warnings on performance deviations to the right person at the right time.
  • Unifies risk management across the organization.
  • Manages scorecards from the strategic to the operational/personal level.
  • Links indicators/KPIs to organizational strategy through objectives.
  • Flexible charting engine that can generate almost any graph.
  • Enables creation of audit trails, allowing you to track and manage the who, what and when of all activities.
  • Reduces reputational risk from suppliers and vendors by conducting supplier risk assessments.
  • Mitigates employee health & safety incidents with integrated tracking, root cause analysis, and analysis of KPIs

See below to see how SE ESG looks like:

ESG Management Platform

How can you align

your company with

ESG practices? 

ESG practices are increasingly influencing investor decisions. Indicators for these three pillars (environmental, social and corporate governance) come up in discussions in the capital market; put another way, what used to be a trend is now a reality.

Yet how can these data be coordinated in a transparent and responsible way without hindering other processes at your company?

This special eBook provides an understanding of key sustainability reports and of how to overcome challenges when it comes to planning and implementing ESG practices.

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What will you find? 

The eBook contains fundamental information related to ESG practices: the context of indicators, steps to correctly adapt your company, details on frameworks (GRI, SASB, IIRC, CDP and TCFD) and how to use them to draft sustainability reports. 

What is the goal of ESG? 

In short, ESG serves as a parameter to guide companies in applying environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. 


What impact does ESG have on companies? 

ESG strategies have a variety of benefits when it comes to value perception at companies. Concern with environmental and social issues has a positive impact on brand positioning, adding value to your product or service. 

How is ESG measured at companies? 

The most popular method used for sustainability reporting is the Global Reporting Initiative's GRI Standards. Since 2018, GRI Standards have also compiled data for public reporting of ESG information and its economic, environmental and social impacts.

What are the challenges of implementation? 

The main challenges arise from the fact that compilation processes are still mostly manual and use data from different systems; in other words, where to start is not clear and the context for drafting sustainability reports is still highly fragmented. 

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